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About Us

Cell Matrix Corporation is a contract research and development firm. For twenty years, it has focused its research efforts on complete systems: hardware, logic, circuits, low-level software, algorithms, high-level software and programming interfaces, and user interfaces. CMC is a woman-owned small business.

Service Areas

R&D and Design Services

Cell Matrix Corporation is uniquely skilled and experienced in the areas of basic research, applied research, analysis, applications development, algorithms development, experimentation, rapid prototyping, proofs of concept, hardware design, low-level software design, scalable hardware & software systems design.


Arrangements include government-sponsored research grants and contracts, product development, IP licensing, consulting, sub-contracting, training & course development, collaborations with university researchers. CMC is currently conducting research with the Department of Defense and the Department of Commerce (NOAA).

Basic Research

CMC continues to perform fundamental research to create better digital circuits (faster, cheaper, fault-tolerant) imbued with advanced properties including self-modification, self-assembly and self-organization. 


Onboard Automated Marine Sensor

Self-contained, rugged, low cost onboard sensor for detecting and recognizing a wide variety of marine objects using pre-trained neural networks.

Working with support from NOAA to field test and advance the design.

Graph Clustering

Improving the efficiency of graph clustering algorithms through machine learning techniques.

Unconventional Computing

Developing computing architectures that utilize free will, self-awareness and other neuroscience-inspired concepts.

Meet the Founders

Lisa Durbeck and Nick Macias founded Cell Matrix in 1999 after patenting core technologies. The company received initial funding from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Lisa Durbeck

Dr. Lisa Durbeck has expertise in full-stack engineering, algorithms, networks, and hardware design. She is an alumna of Virginia Tech, UC Berkeley, and the University of Utah.

Nick Macias

Dr. Nick Macias has extensive experience in hardware design, logic design, algorithms, mathematics and computer programming as well as finance and institutional investing. He is an alumnus of Virginia Tech, George Washington University, and Duke University.

Our Office

2200 Kraft Drive Suite 1050
Blacksburg, VA 24060

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